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Ranch sorting is a timed event that consists of one, two or three riders on a team and eleven head of cattle that are numbered from 0 through 9 with one additional cow left unnumbered. The contest is performed in two 50-60 foot pens with a 12-14 foot opening between them.

To start, the cattle are bunched in one 50'-60' pen. As the riders cross through the opening between the pens, they are given a number and the time begins.

Their job is to sort the cattle in numerical order, starting with the assigned number, into the opposite pen. The fastest time on the most head correctly sorted wins. It matches horse and rider skills against eleven very quick and agile cattle.

There are several variations that consist of one, two or three riders on the team and all require sorting the cattle in the correct order. If any cattle are sorted out of order, the team receives a no time.

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